303 Magazine’s Cara Chancellor interviews Mythology Distillery owner Scott Yeates.

Mythology is the newest distillery to land in the LoHi neighborhood. Producing scratch-made spirits and unique craft cocktails, the idea for Mythology, however, didn’t come about in Colorado. Rather, as owner Scott Yeates explained, it struck him during a trip in Alaska. When the weather was too cloudy to heli-ski, Yeates and his buddies settled for visits to the local distillery — and the rest is history.

“The three of us came up with this idea because the helicopter doesn’t fly if it’s clouded in. There was not much to do,” explained Yeates. “We decided that the [local] distillery was kind of the most fun place to go, so we kept going to the distillery and then we just eventually said hey, you know what, this is a cool, fun spot…. let’s do this in Denver.”

It’s in walking distance for many LoHi dwellers, which makes is more of a regular spot that a destination. And the space is cozy — from the big wooden table where guests can play board games and mingle, to plenty of cushioned seats, brightly colored Spanish tiles and hanging twinkle lights, it doesn’t have the typical warehouse feel of a distillery. And if it weren’t for the huge window that allows drinkers to get a glimpse of the custom-made Vendome copper still, you may never know that this quaint cocktail lounge is making all of their own spirits.

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