Our interest in the notes whiskey takes on when finished in red wine barrels doesn’t stop with our Madeira or Syrah finish. A favorite of our 2021 limited release barrel finish series included Hell Bear American Whiskey finished in a Ruby Port Wine Barrels for 9 months.

Barrel #179 & #180 were sourced from a cooperage in Esmoriz, Portugal called Tanoria Josafer.  We picked this cooperage because it’s location has strong connections with famous Portuguese wines, in addition to their great craftsmanship that’s been past down through generations.

Both of the barrels gave similar notes of sweet dark fruit, oak & cinnamon. Depending on the temperature dispersement in aging facilities, and even what part of the tree the barrel’s wood is sourced from, each barrel is going to give a unique edge to the product it ages. Barrel #179 gives distinct flavors of cherry cola like caramel and proofs in at 102.9,  while #180 leans more towards vanilla & cassis and proofs in at 102.8.


Hell Bear American Whiskey Finished in Ruby Port Wine Barrels

Hell Bear American Whiskey Finished in Ruby Port Wine Barrel #180

These limited Ruby Port Wine releases are now in stores around the Denver Metro Area! Total Wine is selling barrel #179 & Apple Jack is selling barrel #180 while supplies last.

We really enjoyed this finish & hope you do too. Cheers!