We’re excited to release our seasonal Limoncello, a special edition spirit that is handcrafted with our Chatter Wolf Vodka, infused with fresh lemon peels, and sweetened with honey from local Bjorn’s Colorado Honey. This bright, lemon-flavored liqueur is best enjoyed on the rocks, in cocktails, or baked into desserts – making it the perfectly sweet sipper to have on hand for holiday festivities and gifts.

How is our Limoncello made? It all starts with our Chatter Wolf Vodka that is double distilled in our custom Vendome copper still. We proof down the Vodka with fresh Colorado snowmelt and carbon filter for six hours. Our head distiller Scott Coburn and bottling assitant Jose Wise peel over 25 pounds of lemons (close to 500!), which are added to the filtered vodka. The lemon peels are infused for almost two weeks to add the bright lemon-zest flavor. To sweeten the spirit, we produce a honey simple syrup using two types of Bjorn’s Colorado Honey – Untouched Honey (raw honey) and Clover Blossom – which is added to the lemon infused vodka. After letting the spirit settle for a week, the Limoncello is filtered, bottled and hand labeled – ready for your enjoyment!

Starting today at our distillery and cocktail bar in LoHi, we’ll be serving $5 pours of the Limoncello and selling bottles for $35. However, be sure to act quickly – we only have a limited number of bottles – so once it’s gone, it’s gone for the year!