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Chocolate Orange Old Fashioned

2022-02-25T03:46:40+00:00November 19, 2021|

This fall treat is a riff on the Old Fashioned, featuring our Best Friend Bourbon & chocolate simple syrup. It makes for the perfect after dinner cocktail. Think Terry's Chocolate [...]

  • Side Bar

Side Bar

2022-02-25T03:54:56+00:00November 19, 2021|

The Side Bar is a delicious riff on the classic Side Car but replaces Cognac with our Best Friend Bourbon to add profiles of caramel, corn bread, and honey comb. [...]

  • Cannonball Jones

Cannonball Jones

2022-02-25T04:08:20+00:00November 19, 2021|

It's the time of year for apple cider cocktails! Try this one made with our Hell Bear American Whiskey. It can be served warm or cold, and doesn't require much [...]

Apple Pie Bourbon Smash

2021-11-30T05:35:00+00:00November 19, 2021|

Fall in a glass! You truly can't go wrong with seasonal fruit and bourbon, especially when it's our award-winning Best Friend Bourbon. This cocktail that tastes just like an apple [...]

Chai Whiskey Sour

2021-11-22T18:24:06+00:00November 19, 2021|

This cocktail is whiskey sour enhanced with chai tea flavors. Made with our Hell Bear American Whiskey and topped with black walnut bitters, this drink makes for a wonderful fall [...]

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